Conterra Restoration Ltd. was formed in early 1997 for the sole purpose of providing a specialized service to Engineering Firms, Property Managers, Building Owners and Government Agencies etc.

    Our specialty is the restoration of building with emphasis on parking structures and building envelope rehabilitation.

    Within this broad range, our sub-specialties include concrete repairs by chipping hammers or hydrodemolition, wall and column repairs, slab replacements, pressure grouting, hot rubberized waterproofing, crack injection, elastomeric traffic deck waterproofing systems, balcony repairs, masonry repairs, exterior cladding retrofits utilizing metal siding and/or EIFS.

        Conterra Restoration Ltd. is dedicated to providing Owners with exceptional service and quality. We pride ourselves on completing projects on time and within budget. Our goal on every project is to employ the highest standard in personnel, equipment, materials and methods. This ensures that all projects meet or exceed the Engineers specifications. Other Services we provide are:

·      Parking Structure, Roof Slab, Waterproofing & Reconstruction

·      Hydrodemolition

·      Concrete Repairs

·      Slab Replacement

·      Pressure Grouting

·      Elastomeric Traffic Deck Waterproofing System

·      Expansion Joints

·      Ramp Slab Heating Systems

·      Column & Wall Repairs

·      Ledge Beam Reconstruction

·      Retaining Walls

·      Post Tension Cable & Tendon Repairs

·      Concrete Balcony Repairs

·      Balcony Slab Waterproofing

·      Masonry Repairs

·      Caulking & Painting

·      EIFS

·      Metal Cladding

·      Aluminum Guard Rails

·      Escalator Installation